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What is the fee structure, and are there any start-up costs?

In most cases, Quality Nighthawk will cover all costs involved in establishing and maintaining service for your group. Your group will be responsible only for the cost of the actual interpretations provided at very competitive rates.

What is the educational/training background of your radiologists?

Our radiologists are all graduates of top residency programs such as UCSF, Stanford, Harvard, and Duke, are board certified and fellowship trained.

What is the expected turn-around time?

Typical turnaround time is less than 20 minutes.

How do our referring physicians and your group communicate?

Our radiologists are available for consultation at any time via a toll-free number. Reports may be transmitted by fax, HL7 upload into your electronic medical record, or viewed online using Quality Nighthawk’s web-based reporting system. Urgent findings are telephoned promptly to the referring physician.

What technical support services are available?

24/7 technical support services are available on-call to troubleshoot any portion of our technological infrastructure should problems develop.

Can you help with IT/PACS/Telerad software for our group to enable our group to perform teleradiology?

Yes, radiology groups also have access to an IT platform that allows the group to easily and cost-effectively expand their teleradiology services.

We also offer a comprehensive web-based PACS/RIS that allows our clients to create a unified work list from multiple facilities thereby allowing for efficiencies in the workflow of your group.

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