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IT Solutions for Clients

Our advanced IT workflow management system supports multi-site worklist and reporting integration to allow maximum productivity by providing greater workflow efficiency. This feature is available to our clients.

Our IT system is designed to be installed in an overlaid fashion that functions alongside your current PACS system, and does not interfere in any way with your existing technologies.

The Unified Worklist option unifies multiple PACS/RIS systems into a single advanced worklist so they can work as one, eliminating challenges and difficulties that may arise from environments with disparate systems.

Unified Worklist completely eliminates:

  • Multiple log-ins, user interfaces and passwords
  • Lack of communication among numerous workstations
  • Poor prioritization of cases due to multiple cluttered worklists
  • Inconsistent and inefficient communication
  • Minimized productivity due to multi-worklists and multi-locations

Radiology groups also have access to an IT platform which enables which allows the group to easily and cost-effectively expanding their teleradiology services. The platform includes mobile solutions providing PACS IT compatibility with mobile devices. This allows reports and images to be viewed by referring physicians on their mobile devices.

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