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Teleradiology Technology

Reliability, confidentiality, and speed are all critical to maintaining the quality of on-call teleradiology interpretations and the satisfaction of your referring physicians.

Utilizing the most up-to-date teleradiology technology, we offer a fully HIPAA-compliant, secure, redundant technological infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted, high quality service. Reports are delivered in a HIPAA-compliant format rapidly following exam completion, and our radiologists are readily available for consultation via a toll-free number at any time. Urgent findings are promptly reported by telephone.

Key Features:

  • Rapid study transmission and distribution
  • Advanced, reliable, redundant, HIPAA-complaint IT infrastructure
  • Advanced worklist & workflow coordination
  • Image and report archiving.
  • Highly flexible report distribution
    • Fax, secure email, emailed report links & web-based reporting to HL-7 RIS/PACS integration
    • Advanced search of prior reports
    • Automatic referring physician email notification of completed reports
    • Customized reports with easy modifications of facility logos
    • Ability for referring physicians to view images and reports on-line.
    • QA report analysis (TAT, QA rates, etc).
    • Critical finding report analysis