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“When we decided to expand our radiology practice into teleradiology, we knew that we needed a good partner to allow us to be competitive. Quality Nighthawk has been a GREAT partner. They have enabled us to efficiently expand into new markets and take advantage of new practice opportunities. We have been tremendously pleased with their IT systems and the tremendous expertise of their IT personnel. To any radiology groups looking to expand their practice range in partnership with a teleradiology firm, I would strongly recommend taking a look at Quality Nighthawk.”

R. Hal O’Neil, M.D.
President, Radiology Associates of Oklahoma, OK

“I have found Quality Nighthawk to be outstanding and reliable partners to my radiology practice throughout almost ten years of working with them. They have been very flexible and accommodating to the needs of my practice and the preferences of our referring physicians, and I would recommend them as a valuable resource for other practice groups looking to aid in meeting the full coverage needs of their practices.”

Jon A. Muntz, M.D.
President, Chautauqua Radiology, NY

“I am happy to give Quality Nighthawk my strongest recommendation as a nighthawk service. Our referring physicians and ER doctors have always been pleased with their thorough and accurate reports with excellent turnaround times. They are of great assistance in rounding out our Radiology department staffing and service needs flexibly and reliably.”

William M Griffin, M.D.
Chair, Radiology
Mark Twain Medical Center, CA

“Quality Nighthawk has an exceptional group of radiologists who have gone above and beyond our expectations to meet our unique needs. We have forged a great relationship with them. Their outstanding subspecialty radiology interpretations prompt and courteous interactions, as well as outstanding IT infrastructure, have been invaluable to our growth over the years. We consider Quality Nighthawk a valuable partner and highly recommend their services.”

Jason Cyrus
Owner, Wide Open MRI, AZ

“I have been using Quality Nighthawk’s services for almost ten years, both at my former hospital and in my current hospital practice. We have been very pleased with the quality and accuracy of their reports, their rapport with our ED/acute care physicians, and their rapid turnaround time. I would recommend them highly.”

Ross A. Horsley, M.D.
Olean Radiology, NY

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